Megapolis Cheats Tool

As in other similar applications of this type we are here to solve a pressing problem .
The small town needs development and decent ” kick “, which will make bring new residents here , take a job, start spending money here and you , as mayor of the village, you will be able to finance the collected taxes further development of the city .
The most important tasks show up on the left side of the screen in the form of square icons. This is where we need to look to track the progress and requirements that we must meet in order to perform a given mission . On the right side we have the menu: here are all the tools that allow you to shape the available land , build roads and houses , modify the city.
We need to ensure a constant supply of the city of Megapolis energy and water. Ideally, if their sources are renewable and ecological , and therefore they may be , for example, wind power. In the game we create a network of roads , the right amount of business buildings (shops , factories and later in the office ) . Production presents a very high level , and in addition to Facebook , we can download it to mobile devices . Important in the megapolis is a sufficient amount of cash. If you want to see how the simulation adding coins and megabucks necessarily megapolis cheats download an application tool .

Megapolis cheats tool :

  • unlimited coins
  • unlimited megabucks
  • ulimited water
  • unlimited electricity
  • proxy

The application has a really clean interface so you will not have any problems with the service , even if you are very experienced. But please keep in mind that this is a simulation and so the app does not work with any game.

Megapolis cheats tool user manual :

  1. application usage comes down to a few essential elements
  2. First you download the application by clicking on the download button
  3. in the next stage of launching it
  4. is an application which is composed of three tabs
  5. tab options from which you can see the proxy application uses
  6. update tab you can see the current version of the application
  7. in the main tab, you can run the simulation